Bodoggos is an NFT collection launched this year by The Nifty, which has received a great reception in the crypto market. The main character of the collection is Buddy, who has inspired us to create new artworks with different concepts. 
You can visit to learn more about Bodoggos.
Buddy "The Creator"
Illustration: Danilo Laynes
Buddy "Ancient Egypt"
Illustration: Danilo Laynes
Buddy "Tibetan Monk"
Illustration: Danilo Laynes
Bodoggos x Tensor Trade
Character Design: Danilo Laynes
Background: Andy Velasquez
RZR - Bodoggos Sponsor
Character Design: Andy Velasquez
Background: Danilo Laynes
BoDoggosaurus Rex
Illustration: Andy Velasquez
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